Conference Proceedings

  • - Full-length papers submitted to the conference and accepted after a rigorous peer-review process to be included in the Conference Proceedings published by Procedia Engineering and further submitted for indexing by Web of Science.
  • - In addition, a selected group of 10 to 15 full-length journal papers will be solicited for publication in a Special Issue of Elsevier’s Transportation Geotechnics journal dedicated to the ISEV 2018 and 2nd YTGE events. Authors who intend to have their papers published in this special issue should clearly indicate their publication interests in the abstracts submitted to the conference. The guest editors of this Special Issue will coordinate the reviews of the abstracts received and invite competitively selected authors to submit full-length papers for the peer review process of Transportation Geotechnics journal publication.
  • - Guest Editors of the Special Issue of Elsevier’s Transportation Geotechnics journal: Prof. Daichao Sheng, Prof. Xiaobin Chen, and Prof. Yuanjie Xiao